Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mac Pros ProActive work?

Once installed, ProActive immediately starts to look for problems 24/7 including hard drive failures, storage capacity issues, backup failures, network bottlenecks, failing batteries, malware, and more.

When issues are found ProActive alerts our support team to evaluate the issue then reach out to you with support options and solutions.

What happens when a problem is detected by ProActive?

Mac Pros ProActive software will automatically send a report to our team that identifies the problems detected which includes hardware configuration, operating system version and the contact information you provided when you enrolled.

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Our team will evaluate the issue and contact you via phone and/or email to provide you with options for resolving reported problems. Some issues can be resolved via phone coaching or remote screen sharing support. Some may require a visit to our service department.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees may apply for all support methods including but not limited to email, phone and screen sharing support. 5-10 minute support may be complimentary at the discretion of our support team. Longer resolutions will be billed at our support team's hourly rate. Any fees associated with our support team's work shall be collected at the completion of their work. Other options are available and we aim to be helpful and fair.

Does ProActive monitor or transmit any of my personal information?

The ProActive software reports problems plus minimal hardware and software information along with the contact information you provided.

Your personal information is NOT logged, tracked, transmitted or otherwise available to our ProActive support team.

ProActive does NOT monitor your screen or keyboard activity, does NOT report your browser history, does NOT track your geographical location, and does NOT track, log, report or transmit any personal information other than the contact information your provided to Mac Pros / ProActive.

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Will I be alerted to problems with my Mac?

ProActive sends reports to our support team, the ProActive software will not alert you to problems that are detected while other software on your computer may report problems.

The ProActive support team will utilize the phone number and email address that you provided during enrollment to reach out to you to resolve problems that have been detected.

How do I contact the ProActive support team?

ProActive installs a menubar item on your Mac with options to visit our website, email our support team, schedule an appointment and more.

When will the ProActive support team stop contacting me?

The ProActive support team will make three attempts to contact for each reported issue. When three attempts have resulted in no response from you, the issue will be considered resolved.